SCHMETZ  Microtex Machine Needles - Size 70

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SCHMETZ Microtex Machine Needles - Size 70

Colour: Purple

Size: 70/10

Qty: 5 pcs per packet

System:  130 / 705 H-M

For: Precise stitching of edges, also for silk, microfibre fabrics, coated materials, foils and artificial leather.

With a very slim acute point for easier piercing of very fine fabrics.


  • SCHMETZ Jersey Machine Needles - Size Mix 70-90

    Colour: Orange

    Size: 70/10 x 2

             80/12 x 2

             90/14 x 1

    Qty: 5 pcs per packet

    System:  130 / 705 H SUK

    For: Kintted Fabrics.

    With medium ball point for knitted fabrics.

  • SCHMETZ Universal Twin Machine Needle - Size 2.0/80

    Colour: N/A

    Needle Distance:  2.0mm

    Needle Size:  80

    Qty: 1 pcs per packet

    System:  130 / 705 H ZWI 

    For: Special needle fo producing tucks, one or two colour decorative seams on stretch or highly elastic knitwear (Jersey, Lycra). Only for use on zig-zag machines with transversal hook.

    Important Notes:

    - Use suitable presser foot and throateplate.

    - Adjust zig-zag dial to '0' (zero) position or to slight offset.

    - Make sure that needles do not hit the throatplate.

    - Thread each needle individually for separate thread spools.

  • SCHMETZ Topstitch Machine Needles - Size 80

    Colour: Light Green

    Size: 80/12

    Qty: 5 pcs per packet

    System:  130 N

    For: Top and decorative stitching with multiple thread and also for replacing missing stitches in embroidery.

    The Topstitch Needle has a very long eye (2mm in all sizes) In comparison to the 'Universal' or 'Embroidery Needles'.

  • SCHMETZ Hemstitch Machine Needles - Size 100

    Colour: N/A

    Size: 100/16

    Qty: 1 pcs per packet

    System:  130/705 H WING

    For: Decorative Seams and hemstitching in loosely woven fabrics.

    The Hemstitch Needle has a "wing" on each side for the needle blade which pushes the fabric aside.



    Twin needles are designed for practical and decorative sewing such as pin tucking, seam finishes, top stitching etc.

  • SCHMETZ Jeans Machine Needles - Size 100

    Colour: Blue

    Size: 100/16

    Qty: 5 pcs per packet

    System:  130 / 705 HJ

    For: Denim (jeans) and similar fabrics.

    The medium ball point penetrates thick and solid fabrics easier without damaging the material. The reinforced blade causes less deflection of the needle and reduces the risk of needle breakage and skip stitches.

  • SCHMETZ Stretch Machine Needles - Size 75

    Colour: Yellow

    Size: 75/11

    Qty: 5 pcs per packet

    System:  130 / 705 H-S

    For: Elastic materials and highly elastic knitwear.

    With a medium ballpoint, special eye and scarf area prevent skip stitches especially in highly elastic materials.

  • SCHMETZ Universal Machine Needles - Size 80

    Colour: N/A

    Size: 80/12

    Qty: 5 pcs per packet

    System:  130/705 H-Q

    For: General Sewing

    With slightly rounded point, for trouble-free sewing of numerous types of materials.


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