Hemline Sewing Machine Needle Threader (G)

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Hemline Sewing Machine Needle Threader (G)

Makes it an easier process to thread the needle on your sewing machine.


  • Hemline Needle Threader (B)

    For hand or machine needles.

    Qty: 2

  • Hemline Yarn Threader (A)

    Aids in threading bulky ad fraying yarns.

  • Hemline Loop Turner (J)

    This is a great tool for turning through small tubular fabric strips such as Rouleau. It also can be used to pull elastic or cord through small seams.

  • Hemline Point Turner (B)

    The pointed end us used to turn through collars and corners to form a crisp point by gently pushing out fabric from the inside. It also has imperial and metric markings along the side edges to help turn up hem allowances or mark pleats.

  • Hemline Needle Grabbers (B)

    Ideal for hand quilting, bear and toy making and many other applications.

    These soft pliable rubber pads lend a hand when your needle gets stuck.

    Best for use with quilt batting, denim, leather and other heavy fabrics.

  • Hemline Needle Threader - With Magnifier (B)

    With magnifier to assist by enlarging the eye of the needle.

  • Hemline Needle Threader - Automatic (B)

    Includes 5 gold eye needles

  • Hemline Easy Threader (E)

    Instantly replaces drawstrings in any garment.

    Is useful for pyjamas, jackets, hoods, sweat shirts, anoraks, swimsuits etc.

    NOTE: Colour varies and you will receive Green, Purple or Blue.

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