Guipure Lace Motifs

Decorate Your Project With Lace Motifs by Ebony Craft

The large selection of lace motifs we have on offer can be used for decorative purposes in a number of ways. While most people like to use these motifs on dresses, they can also be used on cards. If you like to be creative, you can even use these lace motifs in quilting projects. You can repeat them as a pattern and use them in different combinations. The sizes have been calculated by measuring the widest dimensions. Feel free to browse this category for our motifs composed of 100% Rayon.

  1. Lace Motif 1315 - White (Dragonfly)

    Number of Units: 1 piece

    Width/Length: 4cm X 4.5cm

    Composition: 100% Rayon


    • 1 pcs:
    • 10 pcs:
  2. Lace Motif 1313 - White

    Width/Length: 2.5cm X 4.3cm

    Composition: 100% Rayon


    • 1 pcs:
    • 10 pcs:

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