Needle Threaders

  1. Hemline Needle Threader - Automatic (B)

    Includes 5 gold eye needles

  2. Hemline Needle Threader (B)

    For hand or machine needles.

    Qty: 2

  3. Hemline Needle Threader - With Cutter (C)

    For easy threading of needles with aa blade for cutting thread.

    Qty: 2

  4. Hemline Needle Threader - With Magnifier (B)

    With magnifier to assist by enlarging the eye of the needle.

  5. Hemline Yarn Threader (A)

    Aids in threading bulky ad fraying yarns.

  6. Hemline Lock Threaders (I)

    Needle Threader: Extra long for overlockers and machines

    Looper Threader: Fine looper threader for overlockers.

    QTY: 2

  7. Hemline Easy Threader (E)

    Instantly replaces drawstrings in any garment.

    Is useful for pyjamas, jackets, hoods, sweat shirts, anoraks, swimsuits etc.

    NOTE: Colour varies and you will receive Green, Purple or Blue.

  8. Hemline Needle Grabbers (B)

    Ideal for hand quilting, bear and toy making and many other applications.

    These soft pliable rubber pads lend a hand when your needle gets stuck.

    Best for use with quilt batting, denim, leather and other heavy fabrics.

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