Interfacings, backings and pattern tracing Fabric

Here is some helpful informaion to help you choose what to use.

Interfacing - is meant to be permanently added to fabric. It can be either fused in place using an iron or sewn in place.

Different Types of Interfacing: There are several types of interfacing available, each with a specific use.

- Woven Interfacing: Comes in various weights and is meant to be used with woven fabric such as cotton.
- Knit Interfacing: This type of interfacing is actually a knit, therefore it will stretch slightly with your knit fabrics.
- Fusible Fleece: Soft and lofty, this type of interfacing (such as Parlan) fuses to the fabric. It adds a thick layer to the fabric making it easier to hold a specific shape. 
- Fusible Web: Adhesive on both sides, this type of interfacing is used mostly for appliqué. It is also known as Vliesofix or Heat ’n Bond.

Stabiliser - Stitch & Tear Stabiliser for backing of freehand or machine embroidery.Place or hoop to the underside of the work to give embroidery or novelty stitchies support when being created 

Temporary product to be torn away from back of the work,can be used behind buttonholes. 

Different Types of Stabilizer: There are three main types of stabilizer to consider:

  • Tear-Away: Very paper-like, this stabilizer works well with lightweight fabric and light stitch work.
  • Wash-Away: This stabilizer dissolves in water after stitching. Best used when stitching appliqués or when a bit of stabilizer is needed on the fabric’s right side.
  • Cut-Away: Usually used when working with heavy stitch work, cut-away adds firm support to the fabric.

General instructions when using fusibles: 

Apply using a pressing cloth – DRY HEAT NO STEAM – on a WOOL setting. Place the wrong side of the fabric against the glue side of the fusible. Cover with pressing cloth and start pressing from the centre, applying pressure and holding for 13 to 16 seconds, lift iron and repeat till you have covered the area you wish to fuse. Leave to cool before proceeding.

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